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Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
told californians that a new samsung r&d facility in north san jose will bringing in 5,000 new jobs. so let's go deeper here. samsung's original announcement back in august said the company's total investment and number of hires in san jose wasn't determined at that point. so today we confirmed with samsung, we called them up. they have not announced the number of jobs eat either meaning governor brown is using yet another figure that can't be backed up by data. i'm sam brock. that is today's reality check. >> a single protester interrupted the confirmation hearing for senator john kerry today. kerry is expected -- >> i'm tired. >> theresley is, kerry is expected to replace hockey as secretary of state. the interruption came just as he finished his prepared remarks to the senate foreign relations committee. he handled the protest by alluding to his own time as an anti-war activist. >> when i first came to washington and testified, i obviously was testifying as part of a group of people who came here to have their voices heard. and that is above all what this place is about. so i respect
Jan 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
're showing off organic light emitting diodes, lg and samsung talk about 4k television. give it time and we'll all call it a better package. this tv is super thin with the slightly curved screen so everyone can see better. >> that's the best part with the five-degree curve. it opens it up for the audience. there's not a bad seat in the house anywhere. >> reporter: another trend, greener tv sets. scoring higher ratings with environmentalists. >> the whole manufacturing process from supplies to -- from cradle to cradle. from beginning to end. the designers considerate it, the engineers consider it and we make sure everything is easy to recycle, easy to take apart. >> reporter: big screen, big show. in the big picture,he tv making industry is getting a little thin. all right. thin and big. we also have a lot of smaller gadgets that don't get a whole lot of attention but they're cool. this you attach to your bicycle. you pedal and it generates energy. we have a lot of ultra books. you still see a lot of these hybrid laptop/tablet computers. this is a digital scale. it actually connects to your
Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
as increased competition from other companies like samsung. apple shares hit an all-time high of 705 when the iphone 5 was released. they have since lost about a quarter of their value. apple stock has lost 7% in just the last three sessions. >>> we have breaking international news now with a local impact. the 787 dreamliner is now grounded. the entire fleet of the 787 dreamliner is being grounded after a plane had to make emergency landing this afternoon in japan. no one was hurt in the latest incident. in the last if you weeks the 787 have experienced a wide variety of problems. in july debris falling from the engine of a 787 on a runway in south carolina started a fire that led to the airport being temporary shutdown. in september, the ntsb made two urgent safety recommendations to fix general electric engines which are used in dreamliners and other planes. ge, a part owner of nbc. last month united airliners dreamliner traveling from houston to new jersey made an emergency landing in new orleans when a power generator failed and just last friday an ana dreamliner in japan was delayed due to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3